Amazon Mercury Pollution — A Global Issue — A Solution.

Gold Mining in the Amazon Rainforest (3:38)
Ecuador Gold Mining (2:00 mins)

Currently, Ecuador is subject to an internationally supported lawsuit from Peru for biodiversity destruction caused by the Portovelo-Zaruma ASG miner’s toxic wastes and tailings affecting Peru’s soil quality, agriculture, aquatic life, drinking water, and the health of people.

Destruction of the Amazon Rain Forests by Artisanal Miners (8:30 mins.)
Ecuadorians Protest Chinese Land Exploitation and Cyanide Use “Chinese Stay Away” 2019
ZARUMA-ECUADOR 2017 (3:43 mins.)
Ecuador presenta PORTOVELO: El Cantón de Oro (Most Beautiful places In The World) (4:51 mins.)

Ore processed sustainably without Hg or CN to safely recover more Au


Artisanal ASG miners Chancha Barrel Processing (1:45 mins.)
Arrastra- a primitive mill for grinding and pulverizing Au or Ag ore (0:25 mins)
Hg-Free Processing using the GBM to Recover Pure Au
(9:49 mins.)
Roasting Au Concentrate with Sulphides Recovers > than 100% Au Recovery (8:12 mins.)
Photos by A. Gonçalves, 2015
Toxic Chemical Waste Tailings ponds-Processing Centers in Portovelo-Zaruma. (Photo; A. Gonçalves, 2015)
LOTS OF GOLD! Recovered From Sluice/Placer Black Sand Tailings Left by Miners (2:42 mins.)
Sluicing with Hg covered Cu plates

Join with us in our call for action to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASGM in Portovelo-Zaruma, Ecuador the Planets largest #anthropogenic source of deadly toxic #mercurypollution and ongoing local terrestrial and Global biodiversity destruction.

Token To Au Exchange Program

Download our Impact Investment Capital Opportunity @ our 👉 Corporate Site for details & sign up for our Blog.


Au mining has occurred in Portovelo-Zaruma since the early 15th century Inca conquest scaled up by the Spanish crown in the mid-15th century.1904 through 1950,South American Development Company (SADCO)produced 3.5 million ounces (~99,223 Kg) of Au and 12 million ounces of Ag according to Core Gold,Inc.An additional, 1.5 million ounces (~42,524 Kg) of Au was produced over the next 20 years by various groups totaling ~ 141,747 Kg of Au produced since the 15th Century.
Zaruma, Ecuador
A study of women in Belgium found black carbon particles, or soot, within the organ

The World Gold Council reports, 190,040 tonnes of Au have been mined throughout history through 2017, 47.7% was Au for jewelry which in 2018, rose to 52.44%.

Hg emission (tonne)

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“We propose to use a solution extracted from plants, bitter cassava, as a gold leaching lixiviant for the first time in the history of the mining industry

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AlchemyLGCoin© #ClimateAction Utility Token

“We propose to use a solution extracted from plants, bitter cassava, as a gold leaching lixiviant for the first time in the history of the mining industry

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